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"The collective of breeders/owners now known as NextGeneration Ridgebacks was formed by a group of concerned breeders to facilitate the orderly acquisition and dissemination of information related to genetic disease in Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Our goal is to help breeders minimize the potential for genetic diseases while breeding for good type and temperament. We are committed to an open registry concept in which information concerning both affected and unaffected dogs is available to all owners, breeders, RR clubs, veterinarians, and those researching canine genetic diseases.

Our primarily focus is on the following disease, which have been identified in Ridgebacks and for which testing is available:
Hip Dysplasia 

Elbow Dysplasia


Occular Diseases

Cardiac Diseases

Mast Cell tumors


We promote the genetic testing of all breeding stock, their siblings and offspring with submission of test results for the above diseases to the only open registry available in the US; The Institute of Genetic Disease Control in Animals (GDC). By creating this database, and educating ourselves and others, we hope to provide a healthy future for Ridgebacks."

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