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The Rhodesian Ridgeback Longevity Study

Longevity is one of the measures of overall good health. Recognizing and tracking longevity can help breeders establish breeding goals. Our breed has been included in the Longevity Study conducted by Dr John Armstrong and the Canine Diversity Project. This study is to determine the average lifespan of our breed; as compared to other breeds, to recognize individual dogs and to track strong longevity within our bloodlines. The information gathered will be available to breeders and researchers if the breeder/owner selects that option.

First results are in! Longevity Results

 Fertility Study 

Dr Armstrong of the Canine Diversity Project has been kind enough to include Ridgebacks in an ongoing Fertility Study. The information you're asked to provide includes: the reproductive history of your bitch, any previous health problems, and listing health testing that has been done. You will be asked to keep a log recording weight and girth measurements during pregnancy and info on the pups up to 6 wks.

As our prime objective will be to establish whether genetic factors contribute to fertility problems, pedigrees may be requested. 

 Thyroid Research Database

Members of NGR are raising funds to set up a thyroid research database at GDC. This database is designed to gather information of the occurrence of autoimmune thyroiditis in Ridgebacks. We will be looking, specifically, at TgAA test results and correlate those with the dogs' age, sex, health and vaccine history, pedigree, diet and environment. All data will be available to breeders, veterinarians and researchers.

Donations can be sent to:
Next Generation Ridgebacks
PMB #241
2348 N. Sterling Ave.
San Bernardino, CA 92404

Checks made payable to GDC. Please note RR thyroid research in the memo space.

or directly to:
Institute for Genetic Disease Control
P.O. Box 222,
Davis, CA 95617
(Please note RR thyroid research in the memo space)

Special thanks to donors:

  • Julie Schilling
  • Deb Adams
  • Kathy Thompson
  • Debbie Brower
  • Jacque Rex
Mast Cell Study

Dr. London has contacted the Canine Health Foundation and advised them she has a shortage of Rhodesian Ridgeback Mast Cell Tumor samples. Dr. London is the principal scientist studying C-kit mutation in mast cell tumors at the University of California, Davis. This research is very significant and relevant to Rhodesian Ridgebacks as mast cell tumors are the breed's #1 cancer and is one of its top five health concerns. As a result RRCUS has sponsored Dr. London's research for the past 2 years. Dr London has already made significant progress in determining the effects of C-kit mutations on MCT.

If your Ridgeback has any lesions or bumps and your Vet suspects mast cell tumor, contact Carlee Davies BEFORE surgery at or phone 301-663-1359. She will arrange to have small portions of the tissue sent to Dr. London. All costs are absorbed by Dr. London. Please pass the word to your RR friends. This is extremely important to our breed's research efforts.