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NGR Policy Statement

Policy Statement
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Breeding for a

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As an NGR participating Breeder, I agree to do the following:


Conduct all breeding practices in an ethical manner.

Promote honesty and disclosure concerning genetic diseases and undesirable genetic traits

Submit ALL (normal and affected) results of the indicated genetic testing to GDC to create a usable database as a tool for myself and others

Require buyers of puppies to agree to genetic testing of their dogs by 18 mos. of age and submittal of results to GDC

Require owners of females requesting stud service to submit test results or certification for closed registries (OFA, CERF, etc.) to GDC

Educate buyers and other breeders by providing articles and information on open the open registry, genetic disease, and the Kin Report

Have Kin Reports available for owners requesting stud service

Have Kin Reports available when requesting service from a stud dog owner 

Continue to educate myself by attending seminars, keep abreast of current research and provide that information to all participants of NGR

In case you need GDC info or forms for yourself, or articles (we have permission from Dr Padgett and Dr Poulos to reprint their articles and GDC info) to pass on please refer to the following links:

Dr. Poulos' Introductory Paper 

Open Disease Registry 

Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals 

GDC Ortho forms

KinReport for GDC  - this will be very useful as the database grows

International Elbow Working Group: IEWG