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Institute for
Genetic Disease Control 
in Animals
Nonprofit & Tax-exempt
P.O. Box 222, Davis, CA 95617
Phone/Fax (530) 756-6773
Ck. No.
Dog No.
Deafness Evaluation and Registration
Owner on test date:________________________________________  Co-Owner Name:_________________________________________ 
Address:____________________________________________ City:__________________________________ State:_____ Zip:_________
Phone:___________ Fax:___________ E-Mail:_________________________________ Country__________
Breed:____________________________ **Please attach a 4-generation pedigree in addition to filling in this form.** 
Birthdate:_________ Litter Reg. Number:_______________  Total live born litter mates:______
Sex: M____ (___N/S___) F____
Number alive on test date:____M:___ F:___
Registered Name of Dog, if single entry:_______________________________________ Call Name:_______________________________
Breeder:___________________________ Address:________________________________________________
Sire's Reg. Name:_____________________________________________ Birth Date:_____________ Reg. No. ________________
Owner of Sire:___________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________
Dam's Reg. Name:_____________________________________________ Birth Date:_____________ Reg. No. : ______________
Owner of Dam:___________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________
I hereby certify that the submitted evaluation report is of the dog(s) described on this application. 
I understand that the diagnosis and other information on this sheet will be retained in the GDC open hearing Registry. 
I authorize the GDC to release this data to responsible breeders, owners, prospective owners and investigators. 

Signature of owner/authorized agent:__________________________________________Date:______

Protocol and Instructions for the BAER Tester 

Dogs must be evaluated by brainsterm auditory evoked response (BAER). Bone stimulation transducer will be used in addition when conduction deafness is suspected

The examiner must be a person recognized by the GDC to have expertise in the use of both systems of testing and is agreeable to using the current GDC protocol. A list of acceptable testers is available from GDC.

BAER testing is done on canines at least 35 days old 
A signal sound presure level between 70 and 105 DB is used to obtain a response with peaks I through V judged present at their appropriate latencies. 
Insert earphones will be used 
Chenical restraint is optional. 
The work is done in such a manner that movement will not cause an artifact that could be mistaken for a repopnse to a stimulus. 
At least 200 clicks will be used to obtain the response 
A masking tone is not considered necessary if recordings are made with electrodes positioned along the midline and in the ipsilateral mastoid region; a masking tone is necessaary if the electodes are placed along the midline at the vertex and at T-1. 
Under appropriate circumstances when an ear tests as deaf using air-conducted stimuli and the possibility of conduction deafness exists (chronic otitis, excess ear wax accumulation), repeat testing with a bone stimulation transducer is recommended. 
A printed copy of the BAER Test tracing will be provided to the owner and the GDC. 

By certifying that a dog has BAER BILATERAL hearing, the professional performing the test is making this statement in accordance with their best clincal judgment. The GDC has a system for appeal if there is significant reason to question the test results.
For GDC registration please mail:
  1. this GDC application/release form, signed by owner and the Tester: 
  2. a copy of the BAER test tracing; 
  3. a check for the appropriate amount according to the attached fee schedule. 


Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals/ Revised March 17, 2000